Preloved Plantpots

May 15th, 2014 in Home Improvement

It’s just the weather to start spending a little time in your garden so we’re bringing you some handy tips and tricks to get your back yard blossoming without spending hours traipsing round the local garden centre.

Using pre loved containers, you can show the world you’ve got green fingers in more ways than one and maybe reduce the size of that bulging waste bin at the same time.

First up, bread bins make quirky containers for plants without deep roots. Strawberries are a good choice and you can pick a selection of styles to create an eclectic look.


Eggcups, again, make great containers for smaller plants. You could even paint a few yourself to create a unique style. Cress is the ideal choice for the impatient gardener.


Why not try planting your very own herbs in old tin cans? Leave them bare or paint them up, it’s your choice but be sure to use cans with a smooth rather than a jagged edge.


Finally, old colanders make fantastic hanging baskets. Line them with something permeable and hang them outside your back door for a fresh and fragrant entrance.


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