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May 25th, 2014 in Home Improvement

Are your keychains overloaded with keys? Is it getting harder to tell them apart after a long day? Do you keep fumbling at the front door?

Same here!

Key toppers can be a great way to avoid all the confusion but they can be a little costly so we’ve looked into a cheaper, easier and more fun solution to the problem… Nail polish!

All you need to do is paint the top of the keys different colours in order to tell them apart- it really is as easy as it sounds and it doesn’t take up hours of your time. Check out our mini guide below-


A prime example of the offending keys. The ones that look identical at a glance and, even after a closer inspection, can still bemuse and confuse you.


If you’ve got a nice big selection of nail polish yourself, you should be spoiled for choice on the colours. If you’re borrowing anyone else’s, make sure to check that they don’t mind.


If you want to guarantee a nice, straight finish to your keys, pop a bit of tape around the blade- don’t wind it too tightly though, it can be a little tricky to peel off!


After you’ve chosen the colours you want, get straight on to applying the first coat. Keep in mind that it could take a little while to dry so wait at least five minutes before you check, then you can turn the key over and get started on side two.  Don’t forget- you can paint the edge of the key too for an all-over colour effect.


Some colours may need a second coat applying and this can take a little longer to dry. Try waiting around ten minutes before you turn them over for the second coat, just to make sure they’re completely dry.


There you have it- beautiful, colourful keys that are easy to tell apart and are also personalised for you! That wasn’t so bad, was it? If you want to add a little more creative flare, there are a couple of other things you can try…


Why not add a coat of glittery polish for a sparkling finish? If you want an all over glitter effect then it may take three or four coats to cover the keys but the finished product will be well worth the extra time.


If you’ve got a bit of an artistic steak, you can even try designing some simple patterns for the keys- stripes or spots are quick and easy to do or you could push the boat out and try a tiny floral design, like the ones shown above.


If you feel like your keys could do with freshening up again or if you have a bright idea that you want to try out, you can easily remove the nail polish and start all over again.

So let your creative side take control and colour up your keychains with this great technique!

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