Monochrome Madness

May 12th, 2014 in Trends

From the vibrant world of Mary Rose Young to the sleeker and more slender world of monochrome shades.

2014 is full of cool trends and this one is the coolest of them all. That’s right, black and white is back!

This time, though, it’s here with a twist. Monochrome colours have always been associated with cold and calculating interiors, perfect for professionals and yuppies.

This season, though, there’s a black and white style to suit every home. The low key look is still all the rage but if you want to bring a little of your own personality to proceedings then patterns are the way forward.

Whether it’s pretty polka dots, Aztec chevrons or zebra stripes, you can really jazz up your home while maintaining that smart and neutral look.

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I'm the newest member of the blinds 2go blog team. I've been really enjoying researching and hunting some amazing things to post! I love books (read The Road by Cormac McCarthy, you won't regret it!), pigs (oink oink!) and drinking tea (who doesn't?!). The quirky things in life make me happy and I really love everything about the colour red.

2 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness

  1. Hi Franki! I love this blog so much, it’s so cute and helpful! (I particularly liked the Purple entry, it inspired me to buy a big fluffy purple rug for my room!) I’m so interested in this area of work, I’m just wondering if there’s any opportunities for work experience on the blog, or for some unpaid help role I might be able to do, just to find out more about the industry, or even just to help out on one of my favourite blogs? Thank you so much, Nikki. 🙂

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