How to dust & clean venetian blinds

March 2nd, 2010 in All About Blinds

If you own a metal venetian blind or wooden blind then you will know how great they look when freshly dusted and we have just the tool to make the job (almost) a pleasure …

Our venetian blind cleaner will clean up to six 25mm slats at once and will also work on 50mm slats. With a bit of ingenuity the cleaner will work on 35mm slats too.

Drag the cleaner across the slats and the fluffy ‘fingers’ will grab any dirt going, leaving the blind sparkling. (The pleasurable bit is turning the fingers around and seeing all the dust!) If there are any stubborn marks then use a slightly damp cloth to sponge the mark off.

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Venetian Blind Cleaner

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2 thoughts on “How to dust & clean venetian blinds

  1. This looks like a very handy tool which would save a lot of time dusting the blinds rather than doing them one by one 🙂 You’ve mentioned everything apart from the price though as they don’t appear on the link you provided.

    • Hi Jess. Unfortunately we no longer sell the featured cleaner. The clever people at Lakeland Ltd do however sell a range of cleaners.

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