Bathroom Blinds – All You Need To Know!

February 4th, 2014 in All About Blinds

What’s the biggest consideration when it comes to decorating your bathroom? Is it style, practicality or privacy? Why not all three?

There are obvious restrictions when it comes to choosing your bathroom’s look. For a start, you really need to make sure whatever materials you use are waterproof. Hanging a roman blind in the window might look good for a week but it will soon get damp and destroy your nice new style. Luckily there are still lots of options available to you with this in mind.

As with a kitchen, a waterproof roller blind is an obvious choice. With a roller you can select from lots of different patterns and styles and the nature of the system means that when they’re down you also get complete privacy. No peeping Toms outside your window with a roller!

However, if you’d like to let a little light in at the same time as protecting your privacy, then maybe you’d prefer a waterproof vertical blind. They too come in lots of textures and tones but with the added bonus of letting a warm glow through the gaps between the vanes. Maybe, though, you’d like a more classic coastal style for your bathroom.

Wood blinds aren’t suitable because they’ll soon warp with the humidity and heat. However a faux wood blind is much more robust and will give you that authentic, natural look that you desire. You can pick a colour from natural to whitewashed wood with matching pelmets for added elegance.

So, while your selection might be a little restricted when it comes to touching up your bathroom, don’t be put off. There are still lots of ways you can spruce up your space and still get all the practical benefits you need.

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