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September 4th, 2009 in Trends

Here on the blog we’ve had a bit of a designery week. What better way to finish it off then with more design. I really like this bench and coffee table by Julien Carretero, it puts me in mind of picnic rugs and stripy rock.

It would be my guess that this furniture falls into the category of art (as opposed to highly functional furniture).  Here is Julien on his ‘To be continued’ series of work, sometimes you just need it from the horse’s mouth!

It deals with creating a real and recognizable uniqueness within serial production. Instead of leaving randomness manage the differences, it uses the repetitive actions existing within the production process as a tool for differentiation.

Then each piece produced comes as a result of a process applied on the piece that came before. Each piece is then existing because of the others and couldn’t have been designed without the others.

Each layer is casted on top of the one casted before following the exact outline of it. Because of the imperfection of the cast, the object slowly mutates and start designing itself.

Julien Carretero - Tbc bench  01Julien Carretero - Tbc bench  05

Julien Carretero - To be continued  009Julien Carretero - To be continued  008

Julien Carretero - Tbc bench  07Julien Carretero - To be continued  004

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