Enjoy Vision Blinds, Roller Blinds with a Twist

November 16th, 2013 in Exclusives

With the dark nights drawing in there’s all the more reason to enjoy the waning daylight hours while you can. At Blinds 2go, we think we’ve found a solution that will let you soak up some winter rays without every man and his dog peering in.

The Enjoy Vision roller blinds are roller blinds with a twist. Unlike a regular roller, they have not one but two layers of fabric. They also have sheer horizontal strips that alternate with strips of opaque fabric in an innovative design that lets you filter in as much light as you choose.

When the glare gets too much, you can have them fully closed. When you want to brighten up the room you can have them fully open. And for all those times in between, well, simply line up the sheer strips and let some soft light float on through.



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