A Conservatory Fit For Christmas

December 8th, 2015 in All About Blinds

The conservatory is a great place to gather all of the family, with extra space and extra seating to seat those extra few.

But once the summer sun disappears, many of us retreat from the conservatory, not to be revisited until the dawn of spring.

But Why Do We Do That?

For most of us, it’s the frosty feeling the space seems to attract. It gets cold, it’s only decorated for the summer and who wants to sit and watch their garden shed its colour?

But There Is A Solution

And it’s a very easy one at that… EasiFIT blinds.

Made for conservatories and uPVC windows, they clip into your frame and come in a whole host of colours. What’s more, they’ll help to get your conservatory right back to that cosy place you know and love.


You see, the EasiFIT blinds come in a choice of DuoShade or DuoLight pleated designs, so all of the thermal properties of those you can have in the conservatory too.


What are DuoLight and DuoShade Blinds?

If you missed the part about DuoLight and DuoShade blinds, you can read back the blog right here.

There’s around 40 beautiful shades to choose from, from a cute Baby Pink to a smart Denim Blue, so whatever the decor you’ll be sure to find one that’ll match.


A Conservatory Is The Best Place For Christmas

The best part about gathering in the conservatory? Once the magical snowflakes start to fall, the little one’s can head straight out for some festive fun, whilst you watch on from the warmth and comfort of the home. Perfect.

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