A Festive Kitchen Dream

December 9th, 2015 in All About Blinds

If there’s one place we’re bound to spend time slaving away this Christmas, it’s the kitchen.

The roast dinner, Christmas Pud, Mince Pies, gingerbread men, and the canapes when party time kicks in. We’ve never seen the kitchen so much in such a short space of time. And the kitchen hasn’t had to deal with this much stress, since, well last Christmas.

With splashes of food landing everywhere and steam filling every corner of the room, the dreaded cleaning operation is the one thing we don’t want to deal with, ever.

With the right materials though, the thought of cooking is somewhat a dream. And Blinds 2go are here to show you how…

The Easy Cleaners


When all is mixed, whisked, peeled, blended and put in the oven, it’s time for kitchen cleaning to commence.

And there’s no denying that the smooth, sleek surfaces are the easiest to clean. And we know just the blinds that can handle the job.

Our Venetian blinds have had a recent transformation and are now even thicker, stronger and more durable.

Plus with a rainbow of colours to choose from, your kitchen will look fabulous for all the family to admire. Why not go for a red or gold for the ultimate festive treat?

And if you’re looking for something even easier, our Wood Impressions range are just the ticket. The faux wood slats can take anything you throw at them, and with 50mm and even 63mm sizes to choose from, bigger slats mean less of them to wipe.

Handle the Pressure


Of course, one of the biggest issues with the kitchen is the amount of heat, moisture and steam that’s generated. No matter how high the extractor fan is set to, those windows always seem to steam up.

The beauty of blinds with horizontal slats is that you can have them open just enough to let the cold air to pass through the window, without the world peeking in.

Our faux wood blinds are incredibly easy to rotate, as well as being warp and moisture resistant too.

But for even better privacy, try our perforated venetian blinds. They are covered in tiny holes that let the air to filter through. And they let you see the outside world too.


So there you have it, two collections, and plenty of choice to take the stress out of the kitchen this Christmas. Why not take a read of our other guides to making this Christmas the most comfortable yet? Winter Ready Your Lounge, A Conservatory Fit For Christmas, Spruce Up The Spare Room.

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