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Hot Off The Press: Scandi Style

For this week’s Hot Off The Press, we’ve taken a look back at last year’s upcoming Spring/Summer trends and are happy to report that some things haven’t really changed. (And they’re planning on sticking around for some time to come). Take the Scandi style for instance. We felt inspired when […]

Give a Gift She’ll Love This Mother’s Day

Whether you want to treat your mum, grandmother, aunty, neighbour, or someone who’s always looked after you, there’s no better time to show you care than Mother’s Day. And this year it falls on Sunday 15th March (you’ve been warned, no excuses!) Here’s a guide to alternative gifts, that will […]

Hot Right Now: Tropical Madness

As the days start to get lighter and the sun stays out a little longer, there’s only one thing on our minds – the summer. It’s hardly new news that here in Britain our summer tends to get jam packed into just a matter of weeks, before the autumnal storms […]

Fifty Shades Of Grey- Man Edition.

It seems to be the 4 words on every woman’s lips, and this season grey seems to be making a comeback, even for the men. Once thrown out of the fashion game as being the colour of lacking, grey and its many shades, accompanied with hints of bold colour and extrovert designs, […]

Monochrome Madness

From the vibrant world of Mary Rose Young to the sleeker and more slender world of monochrome shades. 2014 is full of cool trends and this one is the coolest of them all. That’s right, black and white is back! This time, though, it’s here with a twist. Monochrome colours […]

Statement Staircases

If you’re looking to make a few radical changes to your home this summer then making a statement out of your staircase is a quick and easy way to do it. Saving you the effort and hassle of moving furniture around and covering everything with smelly dust sheets, painting your […]

Pretty in pink

With the new season nearly upon us you might be looking to lighten things up around the home. If that’s the case then pink may be the colour for you. An incredibly ‘in’ shade this year, giving your home a spring blush can create a light and lovely space that’s […]

Fashion Colour Report Spring 2014 by Pantone®

It’s difficult to believe but 2014 is just around the corner. That means the designers are hard at work on their spring collections. Over at Pantone, they’ve given us a little sneak peek into the colour palettes the big designers will be using next year. This year, it’s all about […]

Balloon Ceiling Light by John Moncrieff

So you walk into your friend’s home and lift your head to see four brightly coloured balloons have attached themselves to the ceiling, strings dangling down, desperate to fly far far away. Then, as you go to yank them down, a light pops on inside the balloon and you realise […]

9 of the best candelabras

Never mind what’s behind the candelabra, you won’t be able to look past these 9 design beauties. We especially like this colourful 3 tiered candelabra, decorated with pink flowers leaves and, bizarrely, a pair of proud ostriches. What a perfect place to put your candles!