Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press: Your Questions in Your Home

When it comes to finding inspiration for a home, it’s decor magazines that we turn to. They shower us with ingenious ideas, pretty patterns and lots of aspirational accessories. We trust them to show us the best and most fashionable and in turn trust them to deliver a solution when […]

Hot Off The Press: October Edition

If you follow us on Instagram then you may have already seen one so far, or if you’re a subscriber to interior design magazines then you’ll certainly know. We wish we could keep our beautiful blinds and designs our little secret, but that’s not exactly fair to anybody. So we went and […]

Hot Off The Press: The Glass House

Now, we have to admit, The Glass House isn’t exactly the same as our usual Hot Off The Press posts. Rather than a magazine or newspaper, The Glass House is an interiors blog, set up by Mr & Mrs Glass (no really, that’s their real name), as a way to […]

Hot Off The Press: Wooden Wonders

Can you believe it? It’s the end of August, and that means its the end of summer. Boo hoo. But we’ll start thinking about that when the thermal lining starts taking over the sales reports though. For now, it’s back to the task in hand – the latest in our […]

Hot Off The Press: Bathroom Beauty

Who would have thought? Apparently August is the most popular time to spruce up a bathroom, or so at least the home design magazines seems to make out. It’s a bathroom beauty overload! This month we’re featured in not one, not two but three magazines. Looks like it really is […]

Hot Off The Press: London Chic

Wow. Oh wow. The stack of magazines we’re featured in is stacking up nicely, we’re finding it hard to keep up. This week’s Hot Off The Press features a stunning reader’s home in Your Home magazine, and we’re remarkably jealous! Karen Dammone has created the most London chic and coherent […]

Hot Off the Press: Botanical Beauty

With summer well and truly upon us, scores of interior design and home style magazines are filled with light and airy themes and garden updates. Florals, leaf green and plenty of life are this season’s key trends and in the June issue of Style at Home, three readers, or Stylists […]

Hot Off The Press: Borders and Beyond

You probably know by now that we absolutely love when the nation’s most loved home improvement and lifestyle magazines recommend our gorgeous blinds to all of you lovely folk reading them. But we’ve recently noticed a new trend happening – readers showing off their beautiful homes and giving us insight […]

Hot Off The Press: Let There Be Light

We are constantly overwhelmed by the vast number of publications that like our blinds and curtains, and this week we’ve found ourselves in none other than Period Ideas magazine- where they help you to bring out the beauty of your traditional property.     In the ‘Let There Be Light’, […]

Hot Off The Press: Scandi Style

For this week’s Hot Off The Press, we’ve taken a look back at last year’s upcoming Spring/Summer trends and are happy to report that some things haven’t really changed. (And they’re planning on sticking around for some time to come). Take the Scandi style for instance. We felt inspired when […]