Blinds with Candy Colours

March 20th, 2012 in All About Blinds

Candy colours are all the go, so says Grand Designs magazine. This Shuffle table by Mia Hamborg captures the spirit of this trend perfectly, as does this this small selection of our huge range of blinds and curtains at Blinds 2go.

The look is all about sugar sweet shades with neons thrown in for good measure. Think bright pastel shades, maybe picture a handful of mini eggs or sugared almonds if that helps. Well we did say sweet!

n-harebell-blue-26-roller-blind-3-zoom n-paignton-apple-green-49-fabric-3-zoom n-spectrum-lavender-49-fabric-3-zoom

n-choices-berry-blossom-blueberry-36-fabric-3-zoom n-sevilla-primrose-26-fabric-3-zoom n-arberella-berry-36-fabric-3-zoom

n-valencia-turquoise-26-fabric-3-zoom n-freya-purity-pink-36-fabric-3-zoom n-valencia-soft-green-26-fabric-3-zoom

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