Best blinds for the smaller room

July 16th, 2009 in Home Improvement

I have found the most wonderful blog of pure escapism. The Tiny house blog written by Kent Griswold includes a wonderful gallery of tiny homes and get-aways plus lots of advice and plans for the tiny home owner.

Although all of the following abodes are undeniably cute they must struggle a little inside with space and light. One way to maximise both, is through the choice of window dressing. A window blind will not only offer privacy when needed but is also neatly tucked away during the day, when light and views should be maximised.

I have spoken to our all knowing senior customer advisor about how best to dress a window in a small room. Ian advises lighter colours rather than darker colours. The darker the colour the more your eye is drawn to the window blind itself rather than other focal points within the room. A dark colour also absorbs light rather than reflecting it.

Clearly it’s important to maximise the light that enters the room. People sometimes don’t realise the impact that slat width on a wooden venetian blind can have on this. A wider slat width, i.e. 50mm rather than 25mm will ensure that more light enters the room, both when the blind is down, as there are less slats and also when raised, as the ‘stack’ height will be smaller. Just below the gorgeous pictures of itsby bitsy houses we have selected some blinds that are perfect for the smaller room.

All of these blinds have been selected because of their ability to maximise light plus their neutral colour will give the smaller room an airy feel.

To visit the complete collection of blinds from Blinds 2go please click here.



P.S. It can’t only be me that dreams of a small log cabin, a roaring fire and a bottle of rioja?

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