5 Ways To Make Your Windows Look Wider

February 5th, 2016 in All About Blinds

Stuck with tiny windows? Can’t afford (or just can’t) extend them? Wish there was some way to deceive your eyes into thinking they were bigger than they actually are? Well then you’re in the right place.

Today, we’re looking at the ways to make your windows look wider than they are. And the solutions are easier than you think. Here’s a few of our top tips:

Use a wider curtain pole

This one is fairly simple and can make a dramatic change. If your windows are a bit on the slim side, the last thing you want to do it lose some of it by covering in curtains. By having a wider pole, not only will the extra fabric of the curtains make it seem like there’s more window that means covering, but when they’re pulled back, you don’t lose any of the glass.

Use light, airy fabrics

Dark colours draw a space inwards, meaning windows can appear to shrink. Opt for the lighter fabrics, such as voiles or light whites to bring your windows back to size. They’ll let more light into the room too, making it feel like the windows are much bigger than they are.

Horizontal stripes

Fashion tells us that vertical stripes make you look taller and horizontal stripe, well they’re just not very flattering. And the same illusions can be said of window dressings. If your windows are narrower than they are tall, go for a horizontal stripe to sort out the proportions. It doesn’t have to be a patterned fabric through. Wood venetians naturally add the striped effect, as well as our Enjoy Vision roller blinds with their alternate strips.


Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend- they reflect light, look gorgeous and make a room look so much bigger instantly. Place one (or many) in the path of your window, and notice the difference. If you’re feeling particularly flush, try arranging a couple around the room so the reflection bounces off of one into another.

External decorative shutters

And of course, you can’t forget about the curb appeal. A house can look disportionate if the brick to glass ratio isn’t right, but by adding decorative shutters to the external wall, you can put the balance right again.

Got your own tips to creating a wider looking window? Drop them in the comments box to share with the world.

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